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Accelerate your learning curve with our hybrid training modules. Our platform offers a unique blend of technology and hands-on experience.

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Every year, 1 million people don't receive the treatment they deserve because of a shortage of qualified surgeons. Trainos is championing high quality training available to all, be it surgeons, trainees or surgical training labs.

No More Cadavers
Our matrices are specially designed body segments, consisting of variety of structures.
Scalable Variations
Either you want to train a base technique or a more complicated patient case such as fractures, we have the right model for your use-case.
Radiation-free X-Ray
Our platforms dont require you to own expensive x-ray equipment. Our in-built simple yet effective mechanism captures x-ray effects just like in the Operating Room.
Advanced Navigation
Engage in navigation-assisted training with our cost-effective and powerful system.
Intuitive UI
Our UI enriches your training with highly detailed visualization and effortless performance tracking.

Coming Soon: Dive into Neurosurgery

Stay ahead of the curve with our upcoming neurosurgery modules. From brain procedures to vascular neurosurgery, we're gearing up to offer a comprehensive training experience.


Matrix: Go Beyond Traditional Training

Break free from the constraints of traditional cadaver-based training. Our Matrix system is a game-changer, offering simulations that closely mimic the human body's intricacies.

Lifelike Tactile Feedback
No Cadaver Storage and Maintenance Required
Unique X-Ray Effect
Real Tissue and Bone Feel
Modular Approach: Matrix for every case!
Multiple Usage with upto 10x for Screw Placements


A Platform to hold the Matrix: Technical Specifications

Our platform is meticulously designed to offer a seamless training experience. Built with precision and high-quality materials, it's the perfect companion for the Matrix system.

Our camera system that resembles C-Arm in the OR, so you are already familiar.
Platform with Aluminum alloy built with precision.
Two Variants available: Lite (smaller platform), Pro(larger platform)
High quality tracking for navigation with your own instruments.
X-Ray Flash
A flash that resembles OR x-ray workflow.
No Radiations
Our x-ray system does not emit any radiations!


Real-Time Imaging & Navigation

Visualize your procedures in high-definition and receive real-time feedback, ensuring precision in every move. Our advanced navigation system is compatible with the latest surgical instruments and techniques.

    High-definition imaging for clear anatomical visualization.
    Real-time feedback for immediate correction and learning.
    Wide-compatibility with surgical instruments and techniques.

Join the Surgical Revolution

We're proud to collaborate with leading surgical institutions, medical device manufacturers, and individual surgeons. Together, we're shaping the future of surgical training.

How to setup our training system?

Setting up your training lab with Trainos is a breeze. Whether you need a single system or multiple setups, we've got you covered. Get your order in 3 steps:

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